Personal Mobility Concept from Toyota


TOYOTA i-REAL represents the next stage of Toyota’s personal mobility development, following the PM, i-unit and TOYOTA i-swing. The name “REAL” symbolizes the hope for commercialization in the near future.
TOYOTA i-REAL is the realization of Japanese originality, through the harmonization of mobility and state-of-the-art robotics in a compact body. It is the attainable vision of a seamless movement from room, to pavement, to road. In pedestrian areas, shortening its wheelbase allows it to maneuver naturally among people at eyelevel. And on the road, the wheelbase lengthens to provide a lower center of gravity and more agile driving performance.
The motif of TOYOTA i-REAL’s design, based on Toyota’s “j-factor”, is an eggshell that holds the driver tight, and within its thin structure integrates two contradictory elements in harmony; the sense of security offered by the protection of its hard skin, and the peace of mind that the driver gets from being gently wrapped within its soft interior.
The simplicity of design relates to the Japanese aesthetic. An object that could be perceived as modern art inside a room, and outside the silhouette looks as graceful as the movement of the vehicle and driver.
TOYOTA i-REAL’s LED back display constantly changes to express the driver’s feelings, and its deep elegant glossy finish gives the vehicle aura and value.


One thought on “Personal Mobility Concept from Toyota

  1. Home designers,
    Check out the concept for a shower and tub combination in the October 08 blog. Good use of space as well as multifunctional for various ages and mobilities.


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