McDonald’s Happy Meal of the Future


Wired magazine is holding a contest to collect ideas and images for a McDonald’s Happy Meal of the future for Found, a popular monthly feature article that imagines what “…our world will look like in 10, 20, or 100 years.”  The Entry by Will McBill caught our attention. We will keep you posted if an image is uploaded to accompany the description. In the meantime we will scour our database to locate any existing products, that in combination, could make the Happy Senior Meal of the future available today.

Happy Meal Senior (for adults 65 and over) by Will McBill


Big Mash® – EZ Chew Burger

Golden Frize® – Fat Free French Fried Style Soy Product

Senior Soft® – Lightly Carbonated Liquid Stool Softener

Adorable “Gypsy”® – Plush Toy with Built-In GPS to Help Happy Seniors Find Their Way Home Again

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