Not Your Father’s Grab Bar.

We have all seen the bent stainless steel tubes that snake across public restrooms. Although useful, they are rarely welcomed into homes because of their institutional look.


The Kohler Belay Handrail allows the expensive tile you chose for your spa bathroom to continue without visual interruption.

K-1846-MX 54" handrail in Matte Nickel.

K-1846-MX 54" handrail in Matte Nickel.

“Convenience and enhanced wellbeing welcome you in your customized showering environment. Belay handrails ensure your safety and security in the shower without interrupting the aesthetic appeal of tiled walls. An integral water channel allows handrails to drain and dry completely for ease of cleaning. Belay handrails may be installed at various heights to accommodate your individual needs and finish-matched to coordinate with your KOHLER® shower faucetry.”

  • Finishes (Satin Silver, Bright Polished Silver, Brushed Nickel, Matte Nickel, Anodized Brushed Bronze) coordinate with Kohler shower doors and faucets
  • Integral water channel to eliminate water from pooling in the hand rail
  • Installation can be on one, two, or three walls of a shower or bath
  • Grip rails can be cut to length for custom sizes
List price*: $236.25 and up

One thought on “Not Your Father’s Grab Bar.

  1. I agree that the look is different and probably better than some of the typical, ugly, institutional stuff but as a carpenter and former contractor I am leery (a contractor who resists ‘new”, what a surprise!) of the construction details (difficulty and cost).
    It is great to see manufacturers, especially big entrenched and well distributed ones, seeing both the market and the need to be innovative.
    Also, Jason, YOU are the BEST at finding and seeing products.

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