Mama said, “Wash Your Hands!” – Design for Behavior Change.


The Center for Disease Control and Prevention lists “improved handwashing compliance associated with more attractive and accessible products” as one of two recommendations to prevent and control serious hospital-acquired infections.

Springwise recently featured PatientPak, “…an integral B2C approach to their prevention. Sold and marketed to consumers instead of to health institutions, PatientPak is a collection of antimicrobial and other hygiene items for those planning a hospital visit. Its aim: to kill 99.99% of bugs, including nasties such as MRSA, salmonella and E. coli. GBP 16 buys a set of fourteen different germ prevention items to be used during a hospital stay, ranging from hand, surface and fabric sanitizing sprays to an advice leaflet, disposable pen and polite bedside sign to remind others to wash their hands.


Separately, much of the pack’s contents are readily available, but by bundling a range of products for a specific purpose, the brand has created a new product that should speak both to consumers’ worries and to their desire for convenience

One thought on “Mama said, “Wash Your Hands!” – Design for Behavior Change.

  1. Remember young children are the #1 spreaders of germs and they do so often. Keep them from passing germs and getting you and everyone else sick: There is another program out called Germy Wormy Germ Awareness for Germ Transportation Vehicles ages 2 – 7. Anyone in who has or works with kids should check this out!

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