Conversations with Elders with Memory Loss – Spoken Word Stories and Music by Paul Cebar

We really like the fresh perspective this collaboration brings to the music scene in general, artistic entertainment and more importantly, to the voices behind the experience of memory loss.

“Cherry Picking Apple Blossom Time, a collaboration between Duplex Planet creator David Greenberger and Milwaukee music legend Paul Cebar, Wednesday May 13th at 8 p.m. in The Pabst Theater in Milwaukee, WI.
Featuring spoken word stories derived from Greenberger’s conversations with elderly residents of Milwaukee, backed by music composed by Paul Cebar that is seamlessly integrated with the mood of the words.

In 1979, artist David Greenberger began publishing The Duplex Planet, works devoted to his conversations with nursing home residents. Now marking its thirtieth anniversary, his work has been the subject of three documentaries, collected in books, converted into comics, recorded for radio and CD release, and adapted for the stage and film.

The Simpsons creator Matt Groening says “On first reading, this stuff seems merely hilarious. Then it grows on you and becomes strangely moving. Then the moving stuff seems funny, and the funny stuff seems moving. And finally, you’re stunned by the realization that we all live on Duplex Planet.”

Greenberger’s new work draws from his conversations with elders he met during his three-month stay in Milwaukee – all of whom were experiencing some degree of memory loss, ranging from barely noticeable to profoundly fragmented thought. Greenberger’s warmth and respect for people going through one of the most feared aspects of aging shines through the music. He accepts them as they are, following conversations wherever they lead. These are people who still find pleasure in the company of others, and who open, sometimes in very small ways, to someone taking an interest in them.”

3 thoughts on “Conversations with Elders with Memory Loss – Spoken Word Stories and Music by Paul Cebar

  1. i will attend. I’ve enjoyed the duplex planet series for some time. And, I have spent many of my days just out of college enjoying (and dancing to) the terrific music of Paul Cebar and the Milwaukeeans both in Chicago and in his home town. thanks for this update!

  2. Dear Jason,
    Thank you for finding interesting news and ideas that always keep me thinking about life. This sounds like a wonderful project to witness in person.
    Thanks for the great article.

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