Thanks for reading. I really appreciate it.

To give you an idea about what I do, here are  some questions I am trying to answer, conversations I wish to encourage and ideas I want to disseminate.


This is a collection of design solutions for the aging experience when we may turn to our built environment, technology, helpful products, and supportive services for daily life.

My purpose is to refocus user centered design-thinking to encourage the development of innovative age aware products and services. Increasing design-thinking around this topic will transform the culture and experience of later life stages.


Jason Popko brings to each new professional experience the creativity to connect the dots, and the discipline to complete every project.  He spearheaded user-insight and product merchandise strategy for HomePreferred, a startup brick-n-mortar retail concept to serve a new generation of adults who want a  family friendly, accessible, lifetime home. Currently, he passionately markets the Health Buddy telehealth solution at Robert Bosch Healthcare.

His diverse background, advanced business expertise, combine with a top-ranked education culminating in an MBA in International Business from Thunderbird School of Global Management, provides him with an empathic POV, a global mindset, and a keen perspective on the convergence of business, technology and human-centered design.

After experiencing many different caregiver roles for an elderly parent he has made it his personal mission to bring a collaborative approach to innovate lifestyle choices for later life-stages.

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