Age-Aware Online Education

Earn Continuing and Professional Education credits with courses that have been developed around health, safety, and welfare topics for architects, interior designers, and allied professionals interested in earning CPEs.


There are three types of courses you can choose to improve your knowledge about design and human behavior research, which you can then use to inform your design process:
Text-Based courses:  Read one issue of Implications, InformeDesign’s monthly newsletter, and five Research Summaries, all of which focus on the same topic.
Inquiry: Read an issue of Inquiry, a topic-oriented research brief focused on a single topic in which evidence from InformeDesign is summarized to provide you with a quick method of updating your knowledge.
Web Casts: View a one-hour Web Cast, presented by an expert designer or researcher in the field and focused on a specific topic.

Process and Fees
To earn continuing education credit, read the course materials or view the Web Cast, complete a short 12-question proficiency exam, and submit your materials for evaluation. The fee includes secured access to the course, access to the exam, and a certificate of completion for your records. Each course takes 60-70 minutes to complete.
Text-Based Course Fee        $45 (AIA: 1.0 LU; IDCEC .1 CEU)
Inquiry Course Fee              $65 (AIA: 1.0 LU; IDCEC .1 CEU)
Web Cast Course Fee           $65 (AIA: 1.0 LU; IDCEC .1 CEU)

Some of the course that are available include:

X0709 Transforming Nursing Homes ($45 text based course)  – Innovative design strategies are being developed to support the culture change occurring in today’s nursing homes. This course informs the reader of the results and applications to the design industry.

IQ0801 Designing for the Needs of the Aging Population ($65 Inquiry course) – Learn to understand how to design for the aging population. As we age, we experience many changes in our physical, psychological, and social health, thereby increasing sensitivity to and dependence upon the environment around us