Step’n Shine Bedside Floor Mat

Another interesting product designed for the youth market that could be repurposed for other life stages.  Discovered at, the Step ‘n Shine is a floor mat for the bedside that lights up the floor when one climbs out of bed and steps on it. An additional light that can be hung on a door or placed on any surface up to 100 feet away will be activated when the mat is stepped on, lighting the way around a dark house. Mat designs include blue rocket ships motif and pink flowers, something that might not appeal to all buyers.

Price: $40 plus
Available in some Target stores nationwide.  Not available at

StrollAway Stroller Storage

StrollAway available and for $39.99

Inspiration is all around us. It just requires us to kindle our curiosity, and experience the world with open eyes and an open mind. The StrollAway, available at MetroTots for $39.99, sparked such an inspiring moment for me. I often observe products and services for babies in order to re-purpose ideas and products for older adults, another group of individuals that at times need special products for assistance through the aging experience. The inventor, Mary Ann Schwanewede was inspired to create the StrollAway out of necessity to store a stroller when not in use. The StrollAway would be just as useful for rollators, walkers and other mobility aids.