Where’s the Beach?

Video of a rollator race at the beach between the standard small wheeled walker and a brand new outdoor rollator, the Strandrollator, designed by Denovo Design, that makes the beach accessible to rollator users.

While watching the video I was reminded of another foreign language product presentation.  It is a deviation from a focus on the well designed products, but it is worthwhile to share, especially if you are a Monty Python fan.

StrollAway Stroller Storage

StrollAway available and MetroTots.com for $39.99

Inspiration is all around us. It just requires us to kindle our curiosity, and experience the world with open eyes and an open mind. The StrollAway, available at MetroTots for $39.99, sparked such an inspiring moment for me. I often observe products and services for babies in order to re-purpose ideas and products for older adults, another group of individuals that at times need special products for assistance through the aging experience. The inventor, Mary Ann Schwanewede was inspired to create the StrollAway out of necessity to store a stroller when not in use. The StrollAway would be just as useful for rollators, walkers and other mobility aids.

Road Bike and Rollator Mashed-up.

Finally, a mobility rollator as well designed as an expensive road bike. To demonstrate the advanced features of the Active Rollator I have mashed-up features of the $250 rollator with features of a $2,000 road bike. Can you tell which feature goes with which unit? The Active Rollator can be found at ELDERLUXE.com, the luxury destination for the elite elder!

These will have you weaving through tight turns, climbing up unrelenting hills, traveling over jagged terrain, blasting through mucky conditions and conquering anything else that gets in its way! The frame combines lightweight strength with exceptional fatigue resistance to give you a sweet and resilient ride like no other. And if steep inclines and fast descents are regular items on your menu, then the traction-hungry tires are just what you need to keep you moving with efficiency and speed.

  • Design has been the key element in the development to create this modern and sleek form.
  • Lightweight, strong and rigid frame dampers vibrations and offers a smooth performance.
  • Excellent traction and stability.
  • Rigorous testing & quality control ensure that you get the best possible unit that money can buy.
  • Braking system that puts safety first and delivers perfectly modulated stopping power.
  • The brake cables are protected & hidden safely away inside the frame
  • Travels just as well over gravel paths, uneven terrain, sidewalk cracks as it does smooth surfaces.
  • Wheel diameter retains incredible maneuverability & tight turning radius.
  • Easy Seat – It takes just seconds to move the seat into the desired position.
  • Visibility and safety is always a concern. Low visibility situations can be dangerous if you aren’t seen by traffic. Built-in red reflectors in the handles, & reflective tape on the frame to give all round visibility when you need it most.
  • Bladed spokes and smooth rolling hubs with high quality tires give you a high level of control, response and lateral rigidity for every day use.