JOB AD: Must Be At Least 60 Years of Age.

You may either be searching for a job or know some one who is.  The, a job site for $100K job seekers recently posted an article for mature job seekers, “How to Overcome Age-Based Excuses.” Glad the Ladders is addressing an important topic.

On the flip side, and with a dose of laughter for this “economic winter”,  there is a job posting of sorts for those of at least 60 years of age. also require the joke-tellers to be Jewish and to tell their favorite joke.


“Storytelling is a Jewish tradition.  You’ve probably seen Fiddler on the Roof.  Whenever they ask the Rabbi a question, he tugs thoughtfully on his beard and says  “let me tell you a story.” Then they sing.

Jokes are like stories, but shorter and funnier. Old jokes tend to have a stigma, but they only last if they’re good. Some of the best ones provide a window to the culture of a bygone era.  They can reveal the concerns of a generation or even the generation before.  Anxieties of coming to a new country, of prospering, of assimilating, of having families, of fearing and worrying about, well, everything. Humor was and is the ultimate anti-depressant.”

Laugh and enjoy – it is good for your health.